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Welcome to the webiste of the osteopath-rehabilitation clinic. We hope that the information contained on this website will allow you to expand your knowledge about rehabilitation and osteopathy.


The information contained on this website are supposed to help you making a better decisions about choosing therapeutic methods to your dysfunction.

Osteopath-rehabilitation clinic has experience in:


  • Neurological, orthopedic and osteopathic clinical diagnosis,

  • Ostheopatic and rehabilitation treatment of orthopedic injuries individuals and professional athletes,

  • Rehabilitation therapy after orthopedic and neuro-orthopedic surgery (according to rehabilitation programs developed by renowned rehabilitation centers abroad and in Poland,

  • Cooperation and complex medical control with sports club such as basketball, volleyball, football

  • Medical care to individual athletes ie. Tennis players, athletes, fencers and others.

Rehabilitacja i osteopatia Kraków
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